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Happy new year 2018

phare innov voeux 2018

PHARE-INNOW wishes Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2018 to all its Customers, contacts and friends. A lot of personal, family and professional successes.

Phare-Innov participation to ITS 2017 Intelligent Transport Systems in Montreal

Any comprehensive Transformation approach requires a neutral agent with proven system engineering competences to establish a Performance framework across  multi-modal Transport multi-stakeholders community.


Read more: ITS conference, 30th of November to 2nd of November 2017 in Montréal, encompasses many topics under the umbrella of Smart Cities and Intelligent transport: Integrated mobility within urban cities, Connected objects and vehicles with variety of architectures and balance between the Edge Computing/Internet of Things and central control rooms, city behaviour and cognitive analytics, Traffic Management as a service (TMasS), Mobility as a Service (MaaS), Securing critical ITS infrastructure in a connected world, Collaborative Decision Making and Arrival/departure Management across Network Management (ie airports, harbors, city points …).

It appears a gap about a comprehensive Transformation approach from the “As Is” to the “To Be” based on sounded Performance metrics, to include also Liveability and Environment criteria, metrics to be agreed by a multi-stakeholders community. Such Transformation approach needs involvement of Trusted Third Party which is solution agnostic, neutral and with excellent transversal System Engineering, Security and Massive Data processing capabilities. Companies with such profile and able to develop multi-modal (air/road/railway/maritime) synergies and practices cross-exchanges will play in the Future a significative role of independent Transformation agent: Phare-Innov is eager to support such approach. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

Enterprise transformation

Phare-Innov has been contracted for coaching and post-merger integration by an international group. Phare-Innov brings its multicultural experience, its independence and focuses the teams on the development of a common Products portfolio.

Military MRO supply

Defence digital transformation will obviously deliver operational value as for the commercial. But key-questions remain as : commercial market access conditions, intellectual property rights and Data ownership/responsibilities, cyberprotection againts intrusion and associated investment priorities. Phare-Innov closely monitors related conferences as the last Military MRO conference 2017 in Florida. Don’t hesitate to contact us.

Opportunity in Caraib

Following the creation of its Caraib office, PHARE-INNOV investigates opportunities in West Indies/Guyana area which are related to coastal surveillance, especially through hyperspectral satellite and airborne imaging, heavy loads transport by balloons for difficult access areas. Severall interesting announcement has been delivered during Le Bourget Paris Air Show 2017 Don’t hesitate to contact us about these promising files.

Phare-Innov in Caraib

PHARE INNOV has just openned a second office in Fort de France, in Martinique (French West Indies). Among the topics of interest for this office, note the coastal surveillance through multisensing (satellite, airborne including unmanned plarforms and balloons), heavy loads transport by balloon and nautical events management.

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Phare-Innov has 2 offices in France :

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